Jordan Luna

    Hello, this is Jordan; honored guest author, adding my usual wise insights and insightful wisdom. It’s 12:40 AM, Monday night. I know it’s really Tuesday morning, but like I always said back in my drug addled days of yore, “it’s not the next day till you sleep.” So it’s still Monday night.

    I just finished playing what felt like 5 hours of Heroes of the Storm. Charity passed the time by working out, and watching an episode of Black Mirror. I’m not really into the show, it’s too long, and it tries too hard to be a modern version of The Twilight Zone. In this particular episode, it highlighted humanity’s fear of death by telling a story far into the future, where people are able to upload their consciousness onto computers where they can live forever. One of the characters highlighted some very good points on why that type of existance would end up losing it’s value. But then it goes and spoils that sentiment when she ends up choosing to do it anyways.

    This weekend is our 3-year wedding annaversary! Our first year, we went to Seattle. 2nd year, Maui. This year, our plan is to stay in and have an extravagant wagyu beef sinigang shabu-shabu dinner. Considering that 2017 has already consisted of both weekends at Coachella, Bali, and Cuba for Charity, and then Hawaii again in October, I think we’re both ok with staying in. Besides, I make a mean bone broth.

    Three years. It seems like a long time, and at the same time, it doesn’t. Considering we spent the first year still in the apartment in 3400, the 2nd year in Azusa with our parents, and only the last year in our house, all the activity has made things seem not stale. Which is a good thing, IMO.

    So anyways, dear readers, Charity is out of the shower, which means I must bid you adieu. Until the next time I steal away her laptop, to regail you with tales of adventure and daring yet again! Au revoir!

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