It’s been one of those days. You know, where your life moves along as if in some movie plot. Putting it simply and cryptically, when it rains…it pours.

    2nd glass of wine tonight. Jordan popped open a brand new bottle. One he bought at Trader Joes. God do I love that store.
    Trader is about 3 miles away from our house. Not too far. There’s also a Ralph’s about 0.3 miles away, but that doesn’t tempt me in the least. I fantasize about produce at Trader Joe’s. That must be weird. I mean, it sounds weird. I think to myself what could I make with those artichokes that I saw last week and a smidgen of pesto and brown rice pasta? But then I never follow through. I fantasize. Cause I’m a weirdo. Then I end up at El Pollo Loco buying an 8-piece family combo with extra tortillas cause the day passed before my eyes and I didn’t “have the time” to make dinner.

    We make time for what matters to us. Right?
    A friend’s mother once told me…

    Every woman has time to cook for her family. No excuses.

    At one time, I believed that with conviction. There are still nights when I detect my sense of duty to deliver on a well-thought-out dinner. Then there are nights when I get distracted with the bajillion Instagram accounts I maintain, or Youtube videos about Korean skincare and makeup application, or building my own brand, or reading at least 3 chapters of a book on my nightstand, or yoga-ing off those 8 extra pounds I mysteriously gained, or maybe on the rare occasion — NETFLIX.

    OK I lied. Not on the rare occasion. Netflix has become a close friend. Jordan and I have been watching shows quite regularly. I’m currently watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black…and I’m quite disappointed with the suspended plot/conflict. I might have to say, I begrudgingly watch it just to get it out of the way. To say I watched it. To finish something, and follow through.

    It goes without saying, we’re extra excited for Game of Thrones S.7 premiering this Sunday. Thank the Lord.
    Is there anything else more important in life presently than to experience the great war unfold in HBO splendor?

    Like I said, we make time…

    And now I’m sleepy. My ears are throbbing. I could keep at it but my !#$@(*YP@(*IHRI234@!$**87 *_+~HFO!X!@!#%&@(!&@)*!my face just hit the keyboard. Thank you, merlot. You have done your job.

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