Health & Wellness

    Someone already owns the domain 🙁 booooooo. I had this amazing idea where I’d post photos/clips of all the amazing stuff that I ate, but then follow it up with a video clip of me killing myself on the treadmill or doing absurd yoga stretches or simply just attempting to sweat off the calories, etc.

    I feel like I’ve been making the impression that food is my life…and that all I do is eat. But that definitely isn’t the case. Fitness has been and will always be a big part of my life. I spend more time sweating (during the week) than I do stuffing my face — I’ve just never really stressed it.

    But maybe I should. My blog posts, check-ins, tweets, Instagrams, etc, should reflect my lifestyle — a mix of both good food & frequent fitness. I can attest that maintaining a healthy BMI takes work (and a few sacrifices), but it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m proud of my size 25 waist!

    If there was one message that I could spread above all the other vanities that I might be indirectly expressing through the Internets, it would be…

    If you truly love yourself, you won’t let yourself go.

    Ultimately, it would lead to a healthier & happier you…and consequently, a healthier society altogether.

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