Let’s say you have a free hour in the day to do something for yourself. Within the context of parenthood, you can only pick one of the following:

    • Shower
    • Eat something (probably leftovers)
    • Workout
    • Online shopping
    • Nap
    • Netflix (chill not included)
    • Do laundry
    • Cook
    • Drink wine*
    • Clean house
    • Instagram/Twitter/FB
    • Do absolutely nothing*

    * indicates activities that can only be done at the end of the day

    Some mamas are great at multitasking. I’ll admit I have my moments. Most of the time due to foggy mommy-brain, I can only handle one thing at a time, two at most. I’m scatterbrained. I don’t feel as sharp. I feel like I’ve already told you this, but see…I can’t remember. I’m honestly struggling to write this post. So before I move on to folding laundry, let me give you a recap on my postpartum progress.

    Weight Loss: Mom-Bod

    I’ve been around 110-115 lbs since college. I’ve always maintained that comfortable weight range. So I thought it would be easy to bounce back. OMFG. Fat Charity has eaten Skinny Charity!!! I sound like I’m joking, but I’m not. Let me tell you…

    I gained around 45 lbs during pregnancy. All of those nights of fries and chips wrecked me. My joints are shoddy, my knees sound kinda crunchy, my hips are lopsided, my butt has lost some attractive buoyancy, my posture has suffered as if from years of manual labor. I’m desperately unaligned, and I’m a different kind of curvy now.

    Fast forward 3 months, I’m feeling a tad more hopeful. I’ve regained some strength, and I’ve shed some stubborn fat. I’m currently at 135 lbs, but I’ve plateaued. I’m gonna need more than 3 workouts a week to manage all of this. I started on the slow carb diet, which hopefully jumpstarts more fat loss.

    Thanks to this belly pooch, aka flabby flap, aka mommy pouch, I’m still wearing my maternity pants. A few of my old pairs of jeans won’t even go over my jiggly hips, so I’m storing them away until I can reclaim the skinny days of yesteryear. I’ve tried to keep my shopping habits to a minimum in hopes that this transient ass-shape too shall pass.

    It’s my goal to get to 115 lbs by the end of the year. Once I finally get there, watch out Madewell! I’m buying every pair of size 26 jeans on the freaking floor.

    Fitness: Rebounding

    Through the years, I’ve stuck to PIYO (pilates + yoga) and the treadmill for my fitness needs. It’s kept me reasonably lean and flexible. But I realized my fully-formed mom bod needs a time-saving yet extra extra effective fitness fad. Hello, rebounding!

    I bought a rebounder last month and I’ve been bouncing ever since. I use the Rebounder for Weight Loss Workout by Lauren Roxburgh on Youtube. The first few times were hell. I couldn’t keep up with even 5 damn minutes of bouncing. But after a few more times, I caught my stride. I’m able to rebound for 10 minutes without stopping. I literally feel my lungs expanding and my mommy-thighs toning.

    Apparently, 10 minutes on the rebounder is equivalent to 30-40 minutes of running. Or something.
    Not that I’d need to convince you, but a few of the benefits for rebounding can be found here:

    The reasons I’ve taken it up are to strengthen my pelvic floor (any new mom can relate), increase my metabolism (Lord knows these fat rolls won’t disappear on their own), boost lymphatic drainage, improve my balance, enhance digestion (I’ve always had stomach issues), and to slow down muscle atrophy in regards to aging (I’m anti-aging EVERYTHING nowadays).

    Or you can just chalk it up to the fact that I’m a sucker for shortcuts.

    Note: If you do happen to get into rebounding, make sure you empty your bladder before your workout. #accidentshappen

    Self-Care: Sanity

    Supplements. Supplements. Supplements. God do I love supplements. And vitamins. I’ve always been an advocate of a fistful of pills and adequate hydration — whether for health & wellness, or those recreational Vegas nights.

    What I take:

    • Rainbow Light Probiolicious Probiotic Gummies
    • Rainbow Light Prenatal DHA Smart Essentials
    • Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA
    • Up&Up Biotin (10000 mcg) plus Keratin (100 mg)
    • Now High Potency Vitamin D-3 (5000 IU)
    • Logic Nutra Goat’s Rue (500 mg)
    • Nature’s Way Fenugreek (610 mg)

    Jordan has been great. After coming home from work, he watches the baby so that I can workout and decompress. He also takes nightshift (which consists of one feeding at 4am — Ethan practically sleeps through the night) so that I can sleep and have energy for the rest of the day.

    To keep my sanity, I have an occasional glass of wine or two. I go out every other week for upkeep: to get a manicure/pedicure, get my lashes done, a massage, trim/touch-up. But first, as if in a ritualistic fashion, I grab a large Chai Latte at Coffee Bean, sit in a parking lot, and scroll through Instagram uninterrupted. A few minutes of solo time really restores me.

    My hormones have started to level out, thank God. To alleviate my patchy skin, I bought Goop’s Exfoliating Instant Facial and Replenishing Night Cream, hoping that it brings out the inner-Gwyneth in me. Now on to find something that mitigates postpartum hair loss and ultimately keep my womanhood intact.


    An hour is up and Ethan is astir.
    I must get back to child-rearing, diaper changing, and snuggle sessions.

    The next free moment I get, I’ll choose to shower. Above everything else right now, I need a long shower.

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