13-months old

by C. F. Luna
by C. F. Luna

Our little boy @Growlittleluna is already 13-months old. He has become quite the chatterbox!!! He loves having his own amusing conversations on the phone with fake-laughter included. He can do “mano po” (a Filipino honoring-gesture…

Weight: 22 lbsHeight: 2′ 8″ (36 in)Favorites: Beech-Nut Organic flavors like Sweet Potato, Green Beans & Sweet Corn, Apples, Cinamon & Granola. Happy Baby Puffs. Couscous, broccoli & chicken. Brown rice & eggs. We have…

EthanThe Luna Family

11-Month Mochiness

by C. F. Luna
by C. F. Luna

Our little mochiball is 11 months old. Where did the time go!? He’s been walking around our living room, taking assisted steps by holding onto sofas, to furniture, and to us. He’s taken a few…

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